Friday, 6 January 2012


After the day I had yesterday I feel the need to Breath and Believe that things will be ok!
I have an amazing friend lets call her "Princess Pink" she came and helped me clean my house and feed my boys as I felt that the world was caving in and everything was to hard I was in survival mode I had only 5 hrs sleep on the couch as Mr D was sick and I didn't want him to be disturbed and I was exhausted!. She turned up on my  doorstep with flowers and coffee what a perfect friend! We found another house this time in a complete different suburb and Princess Pink has a cousin that happened to live close by who were  happy to view the property on our behalf wow what an amazing gift a stranger can give to us right now! Waiting Waiting Waiting yahhh the phone call  first question :what is like??? Well it sounds perfect!! I hope! I agree to apply and the process of completing our application begins will we or wont we get it...... Keep Believing Keep Believing!!! I still need to send a few documents off to the Agent and we should know next week now..... WAITING!! And trust me I am not a patient person when it comes to making sure my family are settled and safe! So this is a real struggle for me but I am concentrating on BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE!!!!

Take Care Of You
Until Next time Toodlepip

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Todays word of the day is BELIEVE!!

Believe you may ask why???  Well where do I begin we have spent 14 months in a small outback Queensland town 16 hrs away from the place we call "Home" we (My Husband lets call him D and my 4 boys lets call them "Sprat" 8yrs, "Fred" 6years, "The Lion" 3 yrs and Billy 2yrs- current ages) packed our house and waved goodbye to our Family and Friends (this was a very tearful momment for us all) my husband had been offered a "great" work opportunity which seemed to good to be true (more about that later) it took us 2 days to get to the town we were about to call home we have been so very blessed with the house we have here its a beautiful big 5 bedroom home with a pool and a huge back yard I do love my house (lets call it the yellow house) and I will really miss it. So here is where the adventure of living in a small outback town begins ... back to the job opportunity that seemed to good to be true well it was too good to be true a week here and things went terribly wrong financially,  the pay D was meant to be on was far less then what was promised and was less then we survived on in NSW .  "The Dream" of bringing our 4 boys up in the country all of a sudden became a nightmare the cost of living was higher and rent was much higher wow well if God wanted to throw us a challenge he most certainly did! Sure there was times we held on for grim life as the ride became unbearably crazy which inturn caused alot of friction between D and I it was and has been a crazy 14mths it started out horrible but as we leave which we are in 2 weeks time and heading "Home" back to NSW :)  I was a SAHM in NSW and had all intentions of being one when we moved to QLD well that was not be we had no option to send me back to work so we could keep our head above water (so to speak) but oh my goodness I had a great time at work I was in my element loved working with the people and the challenges that came each day when working with children with a special Need. Leaving feels a little bittersweet as I leave behind some fantastic and very dear friends that have been so very supportive!   Our journey home has had its bumps in the rd and definitely hasn't been a breeze or the perfect escape no rainbows or lollipops and today we encountered huge bump (well I think it was anyway)   D has a new job (with a contract this time wahooo with a large company) and his start date is the 23rd Jan ...We have found it very hard to find a  new house or suburb to call home we have put in applications but as we are 16hrs away we just cant jump in the car and view the property (wish I could borrow a jet plane) anyway the house we thought would be "perfect" was given to someone else :( because we werent the first ones in with an application Far out!!! But isnt God funny at the right time of the day I made myself a cup of coffee and I had a spare minute or 2, the boys were happily playing together ( a rareity lol)  and I switched on Joyce Meyer and what do you know she was talking about Believing in the reality that God is for us and not against us mmmm came in handy later in the day! When I was tested and felt absoloutley gutted when we didn't get the house that "we" thought would be perfect! Within 10  minutes I had friends around me that were positive and helped me breath again as so to speak! It was true reality check God prepared me for this earlier in the day but it was up to me to react in the way I should.... Well again easier said then done I burst into tears yelled and screamed and behaved like a 2 yr old the  that didn't get what she wanted how dare you do this I said another bloody challenge I said !!! But as my friends turned up and walked through the door I had to smile and all of a sudden things began to calm down I received a text off a friend who said God wouldn't give D the job to leave you high and dry well she is right: BELIEVE!! I need to hold onto my faith and Believe God knows better then we do! Hold on for the ride! 

Until next time Toodlepip!